About Aalmaari

Sell and Buy Luxury Items Online!

At Aalmaari, we are proud to celebrate South East Asian luxury.. Luxury Asian clothing is inspiring, full of breath-taking handiwork and timeless appeal. But – do you have luxury clothes you never wear taking up valuable wardrobe space? Need a new outfit, but don’t want to break the bank to buy a new one?

Aalmaari connects buyers and sellers of luxury South Asian attire. Sellers can make room in their closet (and some cash) while buyers invest in pre-loved fashion at a fraction of the cost.

Our Mission

Aalmaari is striving to become the #1 eco-chic destination for gently-used luxury South Asian clothing, connecting buyers and sellers in a safe, secure, and fuss-free environment.

Our Vision

We want our brand to be known for the procurement of fashionable, unique, and on-trend pieces in excellent condition while making a positive environmental difference. We lengthen the lifespan of those outfits that either sit in the back of your closet gathering dust, or are just thrown away. By listing your pre-loved item, we help your Asian clothing find a new home.

Our Promise

Aalmaari is the first of its kind - an exclusive marketplace for the trade of luxury second-hand South Asian clothing. We promise to keep working hard to earn your respect and trust. Our team wants Aalmaari to be recognised as a trusted, secure space for people to buy and sell pre- loved luxury clothing. We approve every garment sold through our website, making sure you’re always getting full value for money when you buy through our portal!

Ready to buy or sell your second-hand clothes?

Even if you’re feeling charitable and just want to make a donation to one of our worthy charitable causes, we’ll welcome your pre-loved garments with open arms! Click here to post a listing, or here to explore our marketplace right now. There’s a whole new world of luxury clothing to explore.

Aalmaari. Your Closet, Endless Possibilities!